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    Empowering Learners for Life


    Our goal is to develop learners who are flexible, confident and competent

    Dyer Street School students focus on:

    Managing Self:

    • Managing their impulsivity

    • Persisting

    • Remaining open to continuous learning

    Relating to Others:

    • Listening to others with empathy and understanding

    • Thinking interdependently

    • Responding with wonderment and awe

    Participating and Communicating:

    • Taking responsible risks

    • Thinking flexibly

    • Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision


    • Creating, imagining and innovating

    • Thinking about thinking

    • Applying past knowledge to new situations

    • Finding humour

    Using Language, Symbols and Text:

    • Striving for accuracy and precision

    • Questioning and posing problems

    • Gathering data through all the senses

    Dyer Street School Charter:

    Dyer Street School Charter 2014-2017

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