2017 School Terms:
Term 1: Wed 1st Feb- Thurs  13th April
Term 2: Mon 1st May- Fri 7th June
Term 3: Mon 24th July- Fri 29th September
Term 4: Mon 16th Oct- Fri 15th December

General information;

Dyer Street School is a contributing school, centered in the southern part of Avalon, close to the Park Avenue shops. It is accessible from Oxford Terrace through Roberts Street, or Lincoln Avenue off High Street.

In 2017 we will be operating 10 classes, going to 11 when New Entrant numbers warrant.

Our students are part of the Dyer Street Learning Community which includes School, Kindergarten, Barnardos Childcare (adjacent to the school) and Before and After School Care (operating from the school hall).

We are fortunate to have a large playing field, surrounded by mature trees, netball/tennis courts and two playgrounds. To ensure the students are safe in the playground there is a school code of conduct, and senior pupils trained as peer mediators.

The school is proud of its achievements in special programmes, in addition to the New Zealand Curriculum Framework.

Programmes that we feel are special to us include:

  • Reading Together
  • Kapa Haka 
  • Whanau Groups
  • Inquiry Learning and  teaching of thinking skills
  • Reading Recovery
  • Library skills
  • Literacy, oral language and maths support
  • Computer networking and ICT
  • Performing Arts participating in Artsplash
  • Swimming lessons each year

Regular news of the school can be found on our web page, newsletter, Facebook page, or the school noticeboard in the foyer.

At this stage we do not need to enforce our enrolment scheme, but may need to in the future.

Health and Safety at school

Hours of Attendance
School hours are 8.55am-3.00pm

For health, safety and security reasons, all visitors arriving during school hours report to the office and are entered in our Visitor Book. Students leaving and arriving during operation times also need to report to the office.

School Entrances, Patrols and Wardens
Entrances are at both ends of the main block for the students. New Entrant Students are encouraged to use the playground entrances for road safety reasons.
Patrolled crossing are at both entry points to the school. 

All students must wear a full brimmed sun hat for all outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4. A school t-shirt is available for purchase.


Parent Donation
The parent donation to the school is $30 per term or $120 per year for one child, or $50 per term or $200 per year for a family. This amount is set by the Board of Trustees and is used to assist with the general running and expenses of the school.  Spreading this payment over 40 School weeks = $3 per week  per child or $5 per week per family.

A Stationery List is issued each year, and copies can by obtained from the office. Stationery can also be purchased directly from the office.

All students must wear a full brimmed sun hat for all outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4. A school t-shirt is available for purchase.

Agencies and Services

A swimming programme operates during Term 3 and is held at Naenae Pool. Families may be charged for this.

Board of Trustees
Meetings are twice a term and are open to all parents. Minutes are displayed on the noticeboard in the foyer.

Parent Teacher Association
Responsible for the fundraising of the school, which includes Friday lunches, fun evenings events and more. All parents are welcome to join our monthly meetings.

Special Activities
Students have many opportunities to participate in special activities such as choir, Kapa Haka, sports events, visits and performances. Parents and staff work in partnership to offer these opportunities, and we welcome parent expertise and help.     Students are reminded of upcoming activities through our daily school notices system, and families are informed through the newsletter and specific notices.

Social Worker in Schools
Dyer Street School is fortunate to have a Social Worker based part-time at our school. She is available to support children and their families. Pamphlets are available from the school office, class teachers, or the Principal.

Reporting to Parents
New Entrants receive a report after their first 6 weeks and again after 6 months at school.

Conference meetings called “learning conversations” for all other students are held during Term 1 and Term 3. You will also receive an interim report in June and a written report at the end of the year.

Informal information and showcase evenings are held throughout the year. We promote these through the school newsletter and on our Facebook page.



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Feb 3, 2016, 12:27 PM